What to do if your server suddenly is offline? Don't panic, follow these steps, and we will make sure it is online as soon as possible. 

You can check the following points when you can not reach your server anymore. 

  1. Try to ping the IP-address of your server. In Terminal, type: ping x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the IP-address) and hit Enter
    Do you get a response? It might be that screen sharing is not working, and you can try an alternative way to connect (eg. SSH)

    If you get no response, go to the next step.
    If you disabled ICMP-traffic in your firewall, you will of course never get a response.

  2. Your server really seems to be offline. If possible, please check from another internet connection if you see the same problem. It might be a local issue with your network provider. If you run a web server, you can use downforeveryoneorjustme.com to verify.

    Maybe you just ran an OS update? Please take into account that it might take 45-60+ minutes for an update to finish. From a remote computer, this even feels longer, we know! But please be patient with an update, interrupting it might cause serious damage.

    If you did not run an update recently, go to the next step.

  3. If you did not perform an update, or if it is taking way longer than 60 minutes, you can consider performing a remote reboot.
    A remote reboot is the equivalent of pulling the power cord out and in. This option should only be used as a last resort because it can potentially cause damage to your file system.
    To perform a remote reboot, please go to our client panel and log in with the credentials you received in the welcome email. From there you can choose to restart the Mac mini.
    Allow several minutes for the server to boot again, hopefully it is online soon!

    Still no sign of life? Go to the next step.

  4. If a remote reboot does not bring your server back online, most likely you need manual intervention. It might be as easy as pushing the power button, or maybe you have a more serious hardware problem.

    To get help, please open a ticket or send a mail to support@greenmini.nl - and we will assist you. Please include all relevant information about your server and what you already tried and what not. It helps us to quickly analyse the problem and get your machine back up.